Some might want to vent some bottled up feelings that result from that almost annoying and thorny truth called Forever Alone.
There are those people out there who love characters from anime and manga. These characters are so perfect, in visuals, in personality, they do and say all of the right things…
And because they exist on pieces of paper or on a screen…
The next best thing people found were Kpop idols (or idols in general). They’re beautiful and if you watch them on TV or read their interviews long enough you’ll find that your anime/manga characters have come to life.
There are also people who like to believe in things like horoscopes… we want to meet our destined soulmates so badly…
So when we see the real people around us… the relatively good looking people around us probably… we see how perfect they are and how dreams could come true… and then you stalk them for a bit, in life, through Facebook… and things start to fall to pieces with a word… with the posted pictures of their hobbies that aren’t your hobbies… the differences that you begin to see, the distance you feel, the flaws… the reality that you start to assume, chances lost as hopes fade… And so we feel forever alone and people get friendzoned… And we sit in front of our computers instead of going out and meeting others and vow to marry our electronics.
What ever shall we do?



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